The Great Give

The Great Give 2022

The Great Give is over and with the help of more than 400 generous friends, the Whitney Players earned more than $20,000!  A special shout out to our adults, parents and teens who were “peer to peer” fundraisers.  Their success helped up boost our total, and we showed our gratitude with a special WP tee shirt or sweatshirt, depending on how much they raised!  Our $16,000 in donor dollars was matched with more than $4,000 from The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the Valley Community Foundation and the Bank of America.  We were the top earner in the Bank of America Raise the Curtain for the Arts Power Hour. Our donors came through and gave during that hour, with 275 gifts in 60 minutes!  That brought out total number of donors over 300, which earned us a bonus challenge of $1,000 from a generous donor.

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