​​A delightful parody on all your favorite

musical theatre songs! 

There’s something strange going on at Sondheim High School. New transfer student, Norma LaBelle, is having trouble getting accustomed to the school’s unusual traditions. At any given moment, students and teachers burst into song for no apparent reason.  Each time they sing, it sounds almost like a famous Broadway musical. The math teacher sings a lesson on the Pythagorean theorem. The history teacher delivers a rap-filled class on Alexander Graham Bell. Mrs. Lovett, the Lunch Lady, delivers a menu filled with Broadway-themed meals. The students sing a celebration of Mondays and even the ‘bad’ kids perform the “Detention Tango.”  Principal Lloyd Webber is hiding a secretand enforces strict rules to keep the truth hidden from the students.  This show is full of fun and surprises and is a delight for fans of Broadway musicals as well as for those new to the genre.

Show dates, March 17-20, 2022

2021 Summer Youth Program - High School Musical, Jr. 

Some highlights from Summer 2019 Matilda!

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